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Vrindavan to be connected with other cities through railways

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Vrindavan, 2017.03.26 (VT): Soon Vrindavan will be connected with other important places of the country by railway. The much awaited gauge conversion work between Mathura and Vrindavan has been given a green signal. An amount of twenty crore rupees has also been sanctioned for this project.

Trains will be able to come directly to Vrindavan in coming years. Once completed, the upgraded railway track will provide a link between Vrindavan and other cities of the country. It will be easier for devotees coming to Vrindavan from Kolkata, Mumbai and other cities.

The Department of Railways may introduce new trains directly to the pilgrimage town of Vrindavan, which draws a big number of devotees every year.

As of now, people are largely dependent on three-wheeler auto rickshaws to commute from the nearest railway station in Mathura to Vrindavan. These autos are usually overloaded and several have overturned in the past. The work for upgrading the meter gauge to broad gauge will begin as soon as funds are release for the work.

There are also proposals for upgrading five railway stations between Mathura and Vrindavan. Under this project, four existing stations – Mathura, Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, Masani and Vrindavan – would be upgraded and a new railway station would be developed somewhere at the entry point of Vrindavan.

The General Manager of the North Central Railway will visit Mathura for inspection on 27th March.


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