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Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated in Krishna’s Homeland

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Vrindavan, 2017.04.12 (AU): Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated lovingly on Tuesday,  by the residents of Shri Krishna’s homeland, Vrindavan.

This year marked the forty-fourth anniversary of the Hanuman Jayanti festival organized by the Hanumat Ramayan Samiti at the Om Namah Shivaya Ashram in Vanshivat. Beginning from the ashram, a parade (shobha yatra) was taken out through Gyan Gudri, Gopinath Bazar, Pattharpura and several other major thoroughfares of the town, before returning again to the ashram. Hanumanji rode on a flower-decorated float, and stopped at various places for the faithful to offer worship. Devotees performed aarti and showed flower petals on Hanumanji to express their love for him. On other floats, various lilas of Shri Krishna and Shri Ram were depicted in tableau. Shri Gopal Krishna Shastri, Bihari Lal Vashishth, Banbihari Pathak, Dr. Gopal Prasad Sharma, Swami Narayanacharya, Radharaman Pathak and others were present.

Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated in various ways throughout Vrindavan. Some arranged non-stop readings of the entire Ramayan, and some offered beautiful palaces made of flowers (phool-bangla). In the morning at the Luteriya Hanuman Mandir, there was a recitation of Shri Ramcharit Manas and “Hanuman Chalisa” along with a havan (fire offering). In the evening a phool bangla was offered. Sevayat Mahesh Goswami offered the aarti and distributed prasad to all.

At the Singhapaur Hanuman temple in the morning, Hanumanji Maharaj was offered akhand path, special clothes and ornaments, 56 kinds of food offerings (chhapan bhog), and aarti. Special Hanuman pooja was also organized at Neem Karoli Ashram. At the Uddhav-Gopi milan sthal in Gyan Gudri, a continous reading of the Ramayan was held for Panchmukhi Hanumanji, as he enjoyed a beautiful phool bangla offered to him by his devotees. Prasad was distributed to conclude the program.

At Hanuman Teri, a seminar was organized on “Hanumanji’s devotion in human life.” During the program, Mahant Vrindavan Das and Dashrath Das said that another name for bhakti (devotion) is Hanumanji. By devotion to him, the soul is easily liberated from the worldly sufferings of Kaliyug. Ramsharan Das, Narsingh Ramayani, Krishnadas, Shyamdas and others were present.

In the temple of Shri Radha-Sneh Bihari Ji, the Akhil Bharatvarshiya Brahman Mahasabha organized a pooja of Hanumanji’s chitrapat (picture), praying for peace on earth and blessings upon the nation. Acharya Atulkrishna Goswami, Bihari Lal Vashishth, Balkrishna Gautam, Ramvilas Chaturvedi and others were attended the event.

The Women’s Satsang Mandal lovingly and enthusiastically celebrated Hanumanji’s birthday, which is also the 14th anniversary of their association. Attendees included Rashmi Mishra, Priyanka Sharma, Pushpa Sharma, Chanchal Sharma, and Sudha.


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