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Vrindavan Prepares for Narsingh Jayanti

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Vrindavan, 2017.05.08 (VT): Preparations for Narsingh Jayanti (The Appearance Day of Narsingh Dev) are in full swing in all the Narsingh temples in Vrindavan.

Masks of the Holy Face of Lord Narsingh Dev are being prepared, along with costumes and props for the performance of Narsingh lila. A traditional bathing ritual or abhishek is being organized in all the temples. Devotees are giving their all in prepartion for the festival.

Central to the tradition is the ancient Narsingh Mandir located in the Athkhambha area of the town. Temple sevayat Shri Dinesh Chandra Sharma said that their festival tradition is centuries old. In addition to lila performance and abhishek, the celebration will include chappan bhog and devotional songs.

Maha abhishek will be held at about 12:30 in the afternoon. In the evening, the lila of Narsingh Dev will be enacted at Athkhambha Chauraha. The event will also feature an exhibition organized by the Braj Culture Research Institute on the Narsingh Lila tradition, which will be held on Wednesday, the day after Narsingh Jayanti.

Brajwasis will be seen performing Narsingh Lila through the streets of Vrindavan in masks and full costumes on the evening of chaturdashi and throughout the following day (Vaishakh Purnima).

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