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Mathura-Vrindavan Merger Announced

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Vrindavan, 2017.05.13 (VT): On May 9, UP Cabinet Minister Shrikant Sharma announced that the merger of Mathura and Vrindavan will take place. This comes as a shock to many in Vrindavan who feel the merger undermines Vrindavan’s unique heritage and importance.

According to various reports, the state government is taking this step in order to increase government revenue and provide more services for pilgrims. They assert that the development of Mathura and Vrindavan will run more smoothly if the two cities are treated as one.

Opponents of the merger say that if the two cities are merged, Vrindavan will become a mere suburb of Mathura. Alcohol, meat and eggs – currently illegal in Vrindavan – will quickly start being sold there with government permission. Development disasters, like deforestation and the approval of construction on the Yamuna floodplain by the MVDA, will merely increase. They fear the unique culture of the town will be lost. Even the name of the town – Vrindavan – will officially cease to be when the two towns are joined and renamed “Mathura-Vrindavan Nagar Nigam”.

We will bring you more news on the Mathura-Vrindavan merger as the story develops.


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