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Radharamanji gives darshan in “Pushpa Vrishti Kunj”; Nritya Seva by Geeta Chandran

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0a.jpgVrindavan, 2017.06.12 (VT): Vrindavan’s beloved Shri Radharamanji gave His amazing darshan on Saturday in His “puspha vrishti nikunj.” On the occasion, nritya seva was offered by the famous Bharatanatyam dancer, Padmashree Gita Chandran along with her daughter Sharanya Chandran and other artists.

In the morning, auspicious texts were chanted and Rajopachar puja was offered to Radharamanji. Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami ji explained the bhav behind the Puspha Vrishti Kunj. Once the flowers of Shri Vrindavan Dham desired to sprinkle themselves over Thakurji’s enchanting form. The sakhis understood their desires, and so they created a nikunj (a palace of flowers) and, seating Him inside of it, showered him with fragrant blossoms. Radharamanji’s exquisite darshan attracted the hearts of all.

Bharatnatyam master Gita Chandran performed for Radharamanji with her dance troupe Natya Vriksha, including her daughter Sharanya Chandran and dancers Amrita, Shreya, Nandini and Anjana. They presented several compositions by Meerabai in the Bharatanatyam style. The songs included Sundar Shyam Sakha, Prabhu Aavan Ki Hai, Ali Mhane Lage Vrindavan Neeko, and others.



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