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Emergency Contact Numbers for Sick and Injured Cows

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Vrindavan, 2017.06.19 (VT): Street Cow Seva is a grassroots organization; one of several that helps sick and abandoned cows in Vrindavan. The organization collaborates with other cow-service organizations, vets and gaushalas, in order to provide the best possible service in each circumstance.

Recently Street Cow Seva provided a their list of emergency contact numbers. Please save these to your phone and use them if needed. If you find an orphaned, injured, or sick cow in Vrindavan, please remember to take a photo of the cow and note the exact location.

  • Street Cow Seva: feeding street cows and giving medical assistance on the street, and a space for short-term recovery
    whatsapp: +917060319529 – call 8606131874
  • Archak Prabhu – Cow Ambulance Service
    +919997462111 – +919897904111
  •  Savecowslife – Cow Ambulance Service/ Medical treatment
    Vet. Roshan Singh 9783758817 (Vrindavan)
    Vet. Kamal Narayan Singh 8875535993 (Govardhan)
  •  Care for Cows: Goshala at Kiki Nagla Vrindavan
    rehabilitation /shelter/ medical street support +917895002946
  •  Govind Dham Gaushala: Mathura-Vrindavan road
    Rehabilitation, medical treatments, shelter.
    Dr. Hariom +919760287954
  •  Street DOGS:
    Vet. +918859000697 (from Vrindavan)
    Vet. +918791628998 (from Mathura)


  •  Gau Seva Dham (Hodal) Hospital / Cow Ambulance Service, medical treatment, surgery.+919991771111 – Hodal, Haryana, Palwal
  •  Jadkhor Godham Goshala (Rajasthan): rehabilitation / medical treatments / shelter / worship +917742896463 – Bharatpur Rajasthan
  •  Pathmeda Godham (Rajasthan): A place where the cows are worshipped in true accordance with the highest standards of Vedic thought and culture. Cow grazing.+912979287102 – Pathmeda, Sanchore, Rajasthan
  •  ISKCON Belgaum Gokul Dham (Karnataka): Dr. Sree Kumar and Dr. Sree Kala are amazing couple devotees who are working to implement cow care holistic management, homeopathic cow treatments and cow-grazing projects. +919947554677 Om Sri Surabhi campaign.


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