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Cook poisons sadhus to loot ashram

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19402600_1707764355931178_1791659527_o-780x439.jpgVrindavan, 2017.06.23 (VT): Police are looking for a man accused of poisoning the mahant and twelve other sadhus at an ashram near Vrindavan’s Varah Ghat.

According to neighborhood residents the man, who goes by the name “Bharat”, was going from ashram to ashram last week asking to serve as a cook. The mahant of Varah Adyapeeth accepted his offer and Bharat started living in the ashram. It was Bharat who cooked and personally served prasad on the day in question.

That day every member of the ashram collapsed and fell unconscious shortly after taking prasad. It was only when somone came to visit the ashram in the evening that the shocking scene was discovered and the sadhus were taken to Ramkrishna Mission Hospital. Several of them are currently in ICU.

The mahant of the ashram Shri Rampravesh Dasji regained consciousness yesterday and sent his disciple Shri Shyamdasji with keys to check on the ashram. There it was discovered that the mahant’s almirah had been compromised. A large amount of cash and valuables were missing, and the cook, “Bharat”, had absconded.

Amongst the stolen items are four lakhs of rupees in cash, a large silver lota, eight gold rings, a gold chain, and a kanthi mala set in gold. Thakurji’s flute and ankle bells, two large silver bowls and seven small ones, and twelve silver crowns were also stolen.

According to the mahant, “Bharat” approached the ashram on June 18th looking for work, and began living in the ashram from that day. He said he was from Jajau village near Kagarol in Agra District, and he appears to be about thirty years of age.


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