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Shri Radharaman gives darshan in Shakti Kunj and Sacchidanand Kunj

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Vrindavan, 2017.06.23 (VT): As the first monsoon clouds sprinkle Vrindavan with their soothing showers, Shri Radharaman Dev’s 475th summer mahotsav continues. Each morning is filled with special poojas and scriptural readings, and in the evenings, devotees soak in the extremely sweet, close-up darshans that Radharamanji gives from his nikunj (flower palace). These darshans are the highlight of everyone’s summer in Vrindavan.

By the inspiration of nitya lila pravisht Jagadguru Shri Purushottam Goswami Ji Maharaj, Radharamanji is enjoying some very special kunj (flower palaces) every day, each with a unique theme. Shri Shrivatsa Goswami Maharaj explains the significance of the beautiful kunjas offered on June 20th and 21st.


Shakti Kunj

Tuesday’s kunj was called Shakti Kunj. This kunj is made up of three archways, each of which represents a particular shakti or divine energy of Shri Krishna. The right side represents samvit shakti, the left side sandhini shakti and the center, hladini shakti embodied by Shri Radharani Herself. The kunja’s structure is created from intricately carved slices of banana tree trunks, with a broad latticework of fragrant flowers like jasmine and rose.


Sacchidanand Kunj

On Wednesday, another three-arched kunj was offered, but with much more intricate flower lattices featuring complex tesselations (special geometric patterns). This kunj, called Sacchidanand Kunj, symbolizes the pairing of sandhini with sat (being), samvit with chit (consciousness), and hladini with anand (bliss).

On the evening of the 22nd, Radharamanji enjoyed a very special Raag Seva by the renowned rasacharya Shri Fateh Krishna Swami Ji and bhagwatacharya Shri Harekrishna “Sharad” Ji. Both are long-time associates and musical geniuses in their own right.

Devotees drowned in the flood of their blissful music as they sang, “Shyamaju ko raaj hamaare maai”, “Hamari albeli Radhe, hamare albele Thakur”, “Moye chhail ne maari nazariyaa re”, “Dhan-dhan Radhika ke charan,” and other bhajans.


Shri Fateh Krishna Swami and Shri Harekrishna “Sharad” Ji


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