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Poisoning case: sadhus demand police catch suspect within 24 hours

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Vrindavan, 2017.06.24 (VT): The sadhus of Vrindavan are outraged by an incident earlier this week in which the residents of an entire ashram were poisoned by their cook, who then looted the ashram.

Sadhus from all over Vrindavan met yesterday to discuss the incident. During the meeting, the sadhus demanded that police catch the suspect within twenty-four hours.

Malook Peethadhishwar Shripad Rajendra Dasji, addressing the gathering, said that the incident was extremely unfortunate. He urged the sadhus to take all precautions in the future. Ashrams should no longer accept unknown persons, and each ashram should install CCTV cameras if possible.

Mahant Phooldol Bihari Das Maharaj added that this is not the first time the sadhus have been the target of violence, and that the police should make arrangements for their protection.


The Suspect, Bharat Sharma (P.C. Amar Ujala)

In response, the CO of Police, Mr. Ajay Kumar, said that police will soon make a survey of all the ashrams in Vrindavan and create a list of all persons residing there. Meanwhile, the suspect in the case has been identified as one Bharat Sharma. A police team has been dispatched to capture him.

Mr. Kumar expressed certainty that the suspect would be apprehended quickly. He asked the sadhus to give police seven days’ time.

Shri Rampravesh Dasji, the mahant of the Varah Adyapeeth ashram where the poisoning incident occurred, revealed that he had eaten very litte on the day of the attack; only dal, nothing else. Still he became gravely ill and fell unconscious, along with twelve other residents of the ashram. They were admitted to Ramkrishna Mission hospital. Several of the sadhus remain in ICU.

The Mahant’s disciple, Pappu ji of Jaunai village said that the mahant had recently sold some land at Varah Ghat worth 1.5 crores. However, he had also purchased five bighas of land in Jaunai, worth two crores. These transactions may have drawn criminal elements to the ashram.


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