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Gate of Nitya Vrindavan opens at Bihariji’s doorstep

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For centuries devotees have been coming to Vrindavan with the desire to die here.

Since the re-discovery of the holy dham in 1515, devotees have come here to devote their lives to the pursuit of spirituality and, ultimately, to die on the holy dust of Vrindavan. It is a traditional belief that those who die in Vrindavan become part of the spiritual world after death. The Mathura Mahatmya states that even an insect, worm or tree that dies in Vrindavan will attain the supreme Abode.

There are many instances where a devotee spent his entire life in Vrindavan, waiting to die in the holy abode, but near the end was taken for medical treatment to New Delhi or another city outside of Braj and passed away there. To seek the Vrindavan mood is rare enough, but to actually live there is very rare. And to die there is most rare and difficult to attain.

Moolchand Dubey is one of those lucky few. On Tuesday, as Dubey stepped into door number three of the Bakey Bihari Temple, his soul suddenly left his body. The police were informed and the body was taken to the hundred-bedded hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

The seventy-five year old was later identified as Moolchand Dubey, an auto-rickshaw driver by profession and a resident of Om Nagar of the Auraiya District of Uttar Pradesh. Dubey, who had come to Vrindavan alone for darshan, had a history of blood pressure difficulties, and the cause of death was determined to be a stroke. His death is believed to have been sudden and painless.

Banke Bihari Police Chowki in-charge Shri Prem Narayan Sharma said, “We were able to identify him by calling the telephone numbers in a diary found in his pocket. One of the telephone numbers belonged to his daughter, while another was that of his younger son, Mukesh Dubey.”

Sharma further added, “We have informed the next of kin and kept the body safe. The rest of the formalities will be done when the family comes to claim the body.”

bhag bado vrindavan paayo



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