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Abhishek of Madan Mohan on the Eve of Mudiya Puno

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Vrindavan, 2017.07.08 (VT): On the eve of his disapperance day, which is now known as “Mudiya Puno”, Shri Sanatan Goswami performed the abhishek of Madan Mohan. The tradition continued today as Madan Mohan’s abhishek was performed in a grand way.


Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami and Shri Sanatan Kishor Goswami

The abhishek was administered by Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami of the Shri Radharaman Temple and performed by Shri Sanatan Kishori Goswami of the Shri Radha-Madan Mohan Temple. Vijay Kishor Goswami, Ajay Kishor Goswami, Arun Goswami, Prateek Goswami and other Goswamis also participated.

According to the Goswamis of Shri Madan Mohan Temple, the abhishek was done according to Haribhakti Vilas, Govind Abhishek Paddhati and Bhagwat Bhakti Vilas by Roop Goswami, Sanatan Goswami and Gopal Bhatt Goswami. A small Giriraj Shila which Shri Sanatan Goswami used to keep in his mala jholi was also offered abhishek.Celebrations will continue this evening with katha by Shri Premdas Shastri, and kirtan by Madhukar Ji.

The abhishek marks the second day of the festival. Yesterday Adhivas Kirtan was held, and tomorrow a special pooja and suchak kirtan will be held at Sanatan Goswami’s samadhi. A new murti of Sanatan Goswami will also be installed.

Mudiya Puno is Guru Purnima and the disappearance day of Sanatan Goswami. It is by far the largest festival in Braj. Millions of pilgrims are expected to perform Govardhan Parikrama and visit Sanatan Goswami’s bhajan kutir at Chakleshwar and his samadhi at Shri Radha-Madanmohan Temple in Vrindavan.




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