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12,000 drivers to lose their driving licence for speeding on Yamuna Expressway

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intelligence-terrorist-virtually-transformed-hindustan-following-expressway_c0847a08-1af3-11e7-aa2a-1591876ff7cf.JPGMathura, 2017.07.23 (Inuth): The Uttar Pradesh transport department, which has started the process of sending notices to people at their homes for speeding on Yamuna Expressway, has decided to suspend driving licences of people who have been challaned more than four times. Surprisingly, 11,634 such people have been found.

According to a Times of India report, this data was presented at a meeting where transport officials from Agra and YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) were present to discuss the growing number of accidents on the expressway.

Anil Kumar, Agra regional transport officer (RTO), enforcement, said, “We have started issuing notices. It takes time to locate the addresses where the vehicles are registered.”

“It was difficult to get hold of every speeding vehicle even when transport officials were on duty at the expressway. Many drivers were not aware of the gravity of the situation, how over-speeding has made the expressway prone to accidents. It has been decided that if any vehicle is found with more than four challans, the transport department will suspend the driving licence immediately,” said Ajay Mishra, ARTO, enforcement, according to the TOI report.

The RTO has also tied up with toll tax officials to provide them a complete list of speeders. Once the list will be made, the RTO officials will find addresses of the vehicle owners and send notices to their homes to pay their fines at the transport office within a stipulated time.

Officials said that the defaulter will be charged under Section 304A (causing death due to negligence) and fined between Rs 300 and Rs 500.

In the four and a half years since its opening, the expressway has seen the death of 548 people in 4,076 accidents, with 2016 reporting the highest number of accidents in a year.


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