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“When Banke Bihari calls, I come running,” says Bollywood actor Govinda

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Screenshot-2017-07-24-11.14.56-780x477.pngVrindavan, 2017.07.22 (VT): Bollywood film star Govinda visited Vrindavan this weekend. His main priority was to visit the Banke Bihari temple and offer pooja Braj’s Darling.

Govinda said that he prayed to Banke Bihari Ju for the happiness and wellbeing of his family. He also asked Banke Bihari Ji’s blessings for his new comedy film, Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chor do.

After completing his prayers and pooja, a crowd gathered to meet the actor. Many youths asked for his autograph but although he was not able to oblige, Govinda was a good sport and tried to honor the Brajwasis’ enthusiasm by shaking hands with as many as possible.


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