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Shriji Maharaj visits Vrindavan for the first time after his enthronement ceremony

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Screenshot-2017-07-26-14.09.15.pngVrindavan, 2017.07.26 (VT): Shri Nimbarkacharya Peethadhishwar Shri Shyamsharan Devacharya “Shriji Maharaj” visited Vrindavan on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since his enthronement.

Shriji Maharaj honoured the ancient tradition of his lineage by leaving his car, as well as his sandals, at the border of Vrindavan. After bowing to the dust of Vrindavan he walked three to four kilometers barefoot to Shriji Mandir, just as his predecessors have always done.

A crowd of eager devotees followed Shriji Maharaj, sprinkling him with fragrant flower petals and offering him garlands of rose, jasmine and lotus. Priests from various ashrams and temples offered aarti to Shriji Maharaj as he made his way towards Shriji Mandir.

Shri Shyamsharan Devacharya Maharaj was enthroned as the head of the Nimbarkacharya Peeth after the previous “Shriji Maharaj”, Shri Radha-Sarveshwar Sharan Devacharya Maharaj, entered Nitya Lila earlier this year at the age of 88.


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