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Bomb Squad Drill at Banke Bihari

Vrindavan, October 11th 2014: The entire vicinity of the Banke Bihari temple was swarmed by personnel of the Anti-bomb Squad on Friday. The police blocked the entrance of the temple and its parikrama and began checking in and around the temple. The internal roads were also checked by the police team. The operation went for almost ninety minutes. Though nothing suspicious was found, the intense checking operation resulted in panic and anxiety among local residents.

SSP Manjil Saini has directed the team to do intense checking in a precautionary measure during the festive season. Recently, a terrorist was nabbed in a neighboring district, which prompted the police officials to escalate the vigil in the temples of Vrindavan, which are visited by a big number of tourists in the weekends and the holidays.

Team heads Virendra Singh and Udaiveer Singh organized the checking of the devotees with modern equipment. They said information was also taken from the temple management on the temple schedule and its security measures. Technical experts Ramesh and Vinay Pachauri were also present during the operation.

Top brass police officers of Mathura police have also claimed that in the last few months the police have beefed up their efforts to ensure that the temple premises are safe. Tightening security, conducting regular reviews of the security and holding secret tests are some of them. Beside, several mock drills have been conducted by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) in and around the temple premises of Mathura and Vrindavan.

The Banke Bihari, Iskcon, and Prem Mandir temples attract the biggest crowds in Vrindavan. Although the proper checking is conducted in Prem Mandir and Iskcon, the Banke Bihari temple lags in the checking of the visitors.

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