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Ascetics rejoice as Yamuna flows again on Keshi Ghat

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20708296_347744078988501_5451911503685618297_n-780x439.jpgVrindavan, 2017.08.07 (VT): Ascetics rejoice as Yamuna flows again on its favorite Keshi Ghat. Thousands of devout Hindus led by the priests of Shri Dham Vrindavan plunged in Yamuna on Monday in a ritual they believe can wash away their sins. The ceremony in Vrindavan took place during the Shravani Purnima.

A sea of humanity assembled on the river bank as people waited patiently for their turn to step into the water. Men in underpants, women in saris and children – naked and clothed, chanted Hindu scriptures, while walking into the water. The bathing process was initiated by the priests or the Teertha Purohits. Devotees participated in Yamuna Aarati too.

Adi Varah Purana confirms that a bath in Keshi Ghat is worth 1000 dips in the Ganga. The results of bathing in all holy places await those who bath here.
Despite the conspiracy of destroying the iconic Keshi Ghat with the so called developmental projects by the government and forcing the river away from it, the Yamuna has again touched its favorite abode and is flowing on Keshi Ghat. The state government had proposed to reclaim the land beyond the last step of Keshi Ghat to build new ghats with concrete, after laying the giant sewer pipes in front of it. The government has even the completed the sheet piling activity in front of the ghat in order to make the foundation of the expanded ghats. Thanks to the Vrindavan activists who have challenged the project in different courts of India.

Keshi Ghat in Vrindavan is the most important Yamuna Ghat of Vrindavan and centre of various types of activities. It is surrounded by majestic palaces, Yamuna River and the Yugal Kishor Mandir. Sunrise at this ghat gives a different landscape in background of various religious activities on ghats. People who visit Vrindavan should never lose opportunity to bathe and perform rituals at this ghat.



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