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Trees dance, the dead come to life by the power of the Name

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Vrindavan, 2017.08.11 (VT): One evening the Gaudiya Vaishnav saint Sri Radhararaman Charan Das Babaji called upon his disciples and asked them to stop the first vehicle that passed their residence the next morning. He asked them to to let it wait until he returned, for he was going out in solitude for the night.


Sri Radharaman Charan Das Babaji Maharaj

In the morning, the first vehicle that passed by the house of the disciples was a stretcher, which held the dead body of a young lady. True to their Guru’s wishes, the “vehicle” was stopped along with the funeral procession, and at that time Babaji returned.

After having them untie the body from the stretcher, Babaji asked his disciples to start kirtan. As he lightly touched the girl’s feet and pronounced the Name of the Lord, she got up, and she too began repeating the Holy Name. This continued for ten minutes, and when the song ceased the girl again fell down dead.

Shocked, the girl’s family requested the saint to revive her again. Sri Radharaman Charan Das Babaji said:

“It was the Lord’s will that she should hear the Holy Name. He has allowed her to recite it for ten minutes, to bless her soul. Now he desires that she should move on to her next destination. She will not wake up again.”

On another occasion, Babaji and his followers came to the town of Dignagar, West Bengal, where the Muslim community wished to cut off some branches from an enormous banyan tree. The tree was sacred to the Hindus who also lived in the village.


Dignagar village, West Bengal

Babaji met the head of the Muslim community and gave a blessing, which sent him into a trance of bliss. Then the kirtan party proceeded to sing and circle around the tree. The swayed its branches as if it were dancing, and continued to do so until the moment the kirtan party departed.

The next day again the kirtan party came, and again the day after. Though there was no movement of wind, each time the huge tree rocked and swayed as before. It became very difficult for even the most skeptical among them not to believe the tree was dancing under the divine influence of the Holy Name.

Babaji said:

“The Name of the Lord is omnipotent. Trees may dance, and the dead come to life by the power of the name. But this is a very small and insignificant thing. 

“The Name can grant you the highest goal of human life – sacred love (prem) for Radha and Krishna – if you so desire.”


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