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Lalita Sakhi’s Appearance Day Celebrated in Unchagaon

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Screenshot-2017-08-28-11.56.08.pngBarsana, 2017.08.28: The divine appearance day of Radharani’s beloved sakhi Lalita was celebrated in Unchagaon near Barsana on Sunday. Devotees gathered from all around Braj Mandal at the village’s main temple on top of the hill.

A beautiful abhishek was offered amidst the sounds of ringing bells. Devotees sang and danced in ecstasy in celebration of Shri Lalita ju’s appearance in this world. Shri Anuraag Baba of Barsana offered raag seva, and the Gurjar community presented folk dances unique to the region for the pleasure of the Divine Couple.

Shri Lalita Sakhi is the primary confidante of Shri Radha and Krishna in eternal Vrindavan. She is described as having a complexion like gorochana (a rare yellow pigment), and a dress like peacock feathers. She is a little bit older than Radharani and is extremely intelligent and beautiful. She is famous for her bold and loving temperament. She is especially expert at Maan Lila.

The Gaur-Govinda Archana Smarana Paddhati of Shri Dhyanchandra describes Shri Lalita Sakhi thus:

Shri Lalita Sakhi has a beautiful bright yellow complexion like gorochana, and wears a dress the color of peacock feathers. She is adorned with celestial ornaments and personifies the type of bhaav known as khandita. She and Shri Krishna are very, very dear to each other and her seva is to serve him tambul (paan) spiced with camphor. Her age is 14 years, 8 months and 27 days.

Her dhyan mantra is also given in the same text, quoting Sammohan Tantra:

गोरोचना-द्युति-विडम्बि-तनूं सुवेणीं
मयूर-पिञ्छ-वसनां शुभ-भूषणाढ्याम्
ताम्बूल-सेवन-रतां व्रज-राज-सूनोः
श्री-राधिका-प्रिय-सखीं ललितां स्मरामि

I meditate upon the lovely Shri Lalita Sakhi, whose beautiful yellow complexion rebukes the luster of a precious jewel. She has long beautiful plaited hair and wears a dress the color of peacock feathers. She serves Shri Krishna by offering paan to Him, and she is a very dear friend of Shri Radha.

Lalita Sakhi’s village, Unchagaon, is historically and spiritually very wealthy. In many ways it is untouched by outside influences, and it maintains an aura of peace and pristine beauty. On top of the hill lies the temple of Lalita Sakhi. At the bottom of the hill on one side is Deha Kund and the beautiful Deha Bihari Mandir, and on the other side of the temple lies an ancient temple of Dauji (Balram) and a beautiful grove with the samadhi of Shri Narayan Bhatt Goswami.

Lalita Sakhi’s appearance day is celebrated in Unchagaon every year.


Shri Lalita Sakhi


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