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Photo - Water the root

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21752367_1340888946037246_40884193750774It is a very nice and enriching experience to talk with people, because through that one can see how wonderful, powerful, amazing and precious is Love. Especially Love directed to God, as He is like a root of a big tree: when we water the root, we water the whole tree. The Love directed to God starts with focusing the mind on God's Name, form and Leela; re-organising the mind through contemplation of His Name, form and Leela; and then continuing to water Love's energy, Love's qualities, Love's presence and other aspects of Love. If people in this world would protect Love in all its aspects and qualities as they protect their selfish interests and ego illusions, this world would be His abode.

We know that the path of Bhakti has one very strong exclusive quality, and all else is inclusive: that is, that the bhakta devotes himself to Love and loving and this is not as easy as it may look. Although Love itself and loving is easy, to say I belong to Love means I belong to Him even when all is against Love. It is so easy for humans to turn against Love or to abandon Love because their minds are hypocritical and haven’t yet understood what Love is. To be with Love and for Love in difficult times is not easy, as there is no decision to stick to Love no matter what or how, especially when this Love is connected, directed to God.

There is one more thing: so many times all this spiritual knowledge is good to make a better quality of life and for a better understanding of the psychology of the human mind, but a spiritual journey is actually a love journey, and that is life in its fullness. It is not book knowledge which gives one experience, but living by the heart. Books are good, but Love is higher and ultimate.

– Paramahamsa Vishwananda
(From the original tweet on 15 September 2017)


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