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Massive Chhapan Bhog for Govardhan Maharaj on Sharad Purnima

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Representational Image (Govardhan Maharaj at Shri Sangam Ghat, Radhakund)

Govardhan, 201709.21 (VT): Under the auspices of Shri Giriraj Seva Trust an amazing offering of chappan bhog will be arranged for Shri Govardhan Maharaj in honor of Sharad Purnima on October 2nd. The preparations for the massive offering have already begun.

This event is a continuation of a twenty-five year tradition. The day before the chappan bhog, on the first of October Shri Giriraj Maharaj will be offered abhishek at the “chappan bhog sthali” with panchamrit and other fine substances. The abhishek will begin at ten in the morning and continue till one in the afternoon, after which Govardhan Maharaj will be dressed and decorated in the Nathdwara style.

On October second at the same place, sants and Vaishnavs will join hands with members of the Trust to offer the chappan bhog. Fifty-six delightful dishes will be offered in 2,111 traditional wicker baskets for the pleasure of Shri Giriraj. The bhog will be prepared with appropriate Vaishnava etiquette by the famous chef Ramesh Halwai of Mathura.

A forty-foot high waterproof pandal has already been erected in preparation for the event.


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