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Govardhan parikrama suddenly closed to car traffic

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Vrindavan, 2017.10.05 (VT): Devotees performing Govardhan Parikrama have to share the narrow path with dangerously speeding cars, trucks, tractors and other heavy vehicles. Yesterday, however, the entry of cars was suddenly banned for good.

The ban comes by the order of the District Magistrate, in compliance with an order by the NGT. The news was reportedly circulated throughout the entire Govardhan parikrama marg via loudspeakers.

The closure of the parikrama marg to four-wheelers is a major victory for the environment and for all parikrama-goers, who previously had to risk being crushed to death while bowing down to the sacred hill at places like Daan Ghati. If and how the ban will be maintained, however, remains to be seen.

The NGT order to close the parikrama to traffic also included an instruction to create a parallel ring road and ample parking, so that the residents of remote villages like Jatipura and Anyor would not be cut off from the world. However, the ring road has not yet been completed.

“They should finish the ring road first,” says Radha Kund resident Satinder Kumar. “How will workers get construction materials to places like Anyor? How will gaushalas receive shipments of grass? What if someone needs to get to a hospital in an emergency? Unless they make another road, the ban can’t work.”

Still, even if the police only allow local vehicles to pass, this Kartik will be a peaceful one in Govardhan.


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