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Cow smugglers nabbed in leadup to Govardhan Pooja

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Screenshot-2017-10-17-14.17.23.png← The cows and their rescuers. P.C. Dainik Jagran

Vrindavan, 2017.10.17 (VT): All of Braj is gearing up for Diwali and Govardhan Pooja, the special day for worshipping Shri Krishna as Govardhan Hill – the protector and nourisher of the cows and the Brajwasis. On the eve of this sacred festival, Mant police have successfully apprehended a cattle smuggler and saved sixteen bulls from slaughter.

The bust occurred at a checkpoint on the Yamuna Expressway with help from an anonymous informant. The truck filled with bulls was travelling illegally from Punjab to Bihar. The driver of the truck was apprehended by police while his accomplice escaped.

The rescued bulls have been sent to Ramesh Baba’s Mataji Gaushala in Barsana.

Unfortunately, cows and bulls from Vrindavan are also smuggled illegally to the slaughter. Over the years many of Braj’s gaushalas have been attacked by gun-toting gangs of cow smugglers. But it is the street cows and bulls that are most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, getting bulls off the street is not an easy task. Due to rampant construction, Vrindavan’s once-vast pastureland has been reduced to almost nothing in a matter of a few decades. Dairy farmers now find it too expensive to support bulls and elderly cows who no longer give milk. Not finding any other option, they often leave such animals to their own fate in the streets.

But there is hope, in the shape of a growing movement for non-dairy-based cow agriculture in Vrindavan.

For example, the National Centre of Organic Farming  held a symposium at the Hasananda Goshala in Vrindavan earlier this week, during which farmers from local villages were informed of the economic viability of non-dairy cow product like paper and fertilizers, which can be made from cow dung. Cattle farmers were encouraged to explore a variety of such products, which can generate income without dependence on milk.

Attendees were also informed of the importance of organic farming. The Vice-Chancellor of Mathura’s Deen Dayal Veterinary University Mr. KML Pathak also emphasized the importance of promoting and conserving indigenous cow breeds (desi gaay). Such educational efforts are of great importance to ensuring the safety and prosperity of our bovine companions.


Many bulls wander the streets of Vrindavan, since they have been abandoned as economically lacking value. Many of the gaushalas also refuse to accept bulls.

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