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Kamsa Vadh Mela begins on Friday in Mathura

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A cowherd boy hugs Shri Krishna and begs him to be careful as he goes to battle Kamsa (P.C. Festivals of India)

Vrindavan, 2017.10.25 (VT): The historic Kamsa Vadh Mela will be held this weekend in Mathura from October 27th to 30th. The mela or fair celebrates the moment when Shri Krishna and Balram defeated the evil King Kamsa (Kans) about 5,000 years ago. The festival includes a reinactment of the Kamsa Vadh Lila – the slaughter of Kamsa – as well as other lilas of Shri Krishna.

Preparations for the festival are currently underway. Because the Kamsa Vadh Mela includes several processions, special attention is being given to ensuring no electric wires are low enough to prevent the floats from passing through.


Kamsa awaits

The yearly festival is organized by the Mathur Chaturvedi Parishad. Shri Mahesh Pathak, the mukhya sanrakshak of the Chaturved Samajbadi, will preside over the opening ceremony. Young boys from the Chaturvedi community will also participate in the lila, clothed in traditional costumes and carrying sticks in their hands in solidarity with Krishna and Balram. Community members are also invited to help Krishna and Balram defeat the evil king by beating Kamsa’s effigy with sticks.

Kamsa Vadh Mela is held in many parts of India during the bright half of Kartik, however devotees come from all around to attend the festival in Mathura, the city where the original event occurred. The main day of the festival, on which the Kamsa Vadh Lila takes place, is kartik shukla dashami. 

Schedule of Events

October 27
Opening ceremony

October 28
Morning: Gaucharan Lila to be held at Vishram Ghat Tirahe
4pm: Gaucharan Lila procession begins in Bhikchand Gali
6pm: Gaucharan Lila procession Ends at Vishram Ghat
8pm: All-India Poet’s Convention to be held as Vishram Ghat

October 29
6pm: Kans Vadh Lila at Vishram Ghat

October 30
4pm: Kans Vadh Shobha Yatra begins from Hanuman Gali, and travels to Kans Tila, where a giant effigy of Kans will be toppled by images of Krishna and Balram. Images of Krishna’s cowherd boy friends will then beat the Kans effigy with sticks.
7pm: Kans Vadh Shobha Yatra ends at Vishram Ghat with aarti to Krishna and Balram.


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