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Kuvalayapida Vadh celebrated in leadup to Kamsa Vadh

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Kuvalayapida.jpgVrindavan, 2017.10.27 (VT): In Mathura on Thursday, an effigy of the demonic elephant Kuvalayapida was destroyed by Krishna and Balram. A reenactment of an event from Shri Krishna’s lila about 5,000 years ago, this festival is held every year in the leadup to Kamsa Vadh Mela commemorates the death of the evil King Kamsa.

In the evening, under the auspices of the Kuvalayapida Hathi Vadh Mela committe, a procession went out from Swami Ghat. Shri Krishna and Balram rode on horses with a beautiful flower-parasol over their heads. Residents of Mathura followed behind the divine brothers carrying sticks (lathis). Other Mathura-vaasis burned paper images of the evil elephant.

The floats of the parade featured tableaus of Shri Krishna-Balaram, Radha-Krishna, Krishna-Sudama, Parasuram, Ram Darbar, Navdurga and Yamuna Maharani.

Starting from Swami Ghat, the procession travelled via Chowk Bazar, Mandi Ramdas and Deeg Gate to Mallapura where the Hathi Vadh arena is located. There Shri Krishna and Balram symbolically “slaughtered” the demonic elephant by tearing off the effigy’s trunk and tusks. Thereafter the committee of the Shri Keshav Dev (Krishna Janmasthan) Temple worshipped the divine Brothers. The event ended with aarti at the ashram of Sant Khadishwari Maharaj in Potra Kund.


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