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Why Brijwasis love Shani Dev.

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Snap312-780x587.jpgThis is the story of Shani Dev temple in Kokilavan, Kosikalan: As mentioned in Garga Samhita, When Lord Krishna appeared, all the demigods visited Nanda Maharaj’s house in Gokul. Lord Shani dev was one of them. Everyone was allowed to take Darshan of Lord Krishna, but not Shanidev. When Shani Dev tried to take darshan of Krishna, Yashoda stopped him at the door saying, “You can’t see my baby because your very name is fearful. If my baby sees you, he will be frightened.”

Hearing these words of Yashoda Maya, Shani Dev felt disappointed and went to do penance to get the mercy of the Lord. After a short time, Lord Krishna appeared before him and asked, “What is the problem? Why you are in forest?” Shani Dev replied, “O Lord! Please tell me one thing, when I am doing my duty to punish people according to their deeds (karma); why do people think that I am malignant and cruel? Why do people think that Shani Dev only creates trouble? Why do they avoid even my shadow? Today, when all could enjoy the bliss of your darshan, I was denied that right and benediction.”

Lord Krishna advised Shani Dev to stay at Kokilavan. Lord Krishna granted Shani Dev the boon that whoever comes to a Shani Dev temple to pray would immediately be freed from all worries and afflictions. Thus, Lord Krishna gave Shani Dev his darshan and also made him famous. Though Kokilvan is the place where Krishna sang in a cuckoo’s voice in to call Radha Rani, these days, Kokilavan is better known for its Shani Dev temple.


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