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Baby thief caught red handed

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A woman almost lost her baby forever after leaving her for a few minutes to go to the bathroom. In the few minutes that she left the newborn, a thief snatched her baby and walked out of the hospital.

At 12pm, Mamta gave birth to a baby girl at Mathura Women’s Hospital. At 3.30 pm, Mamta’s mother-in-law, Bunno Devi, helped her to walk to the bathroom. As they were returning, they saw that the bed was empty. Bunno Devi ran to the gate and saw a woman rushing towards the main gate with what looked like a baby under her sari.

After a struggle, Bunno Devi managed to retrieve the infant. A crowd gathered and this stopped the thief from escaping. When the police arrived, the accused gave her name as Manju, resident of Buteshwar. Manju said that she was at the hospital to visit her brother’s wife, Usha, however, hospital staff, said that there was no one admitted under the name of Usha.


P.C. Jagran

When asked what she was doing with the newborn, Manju said that she was taking the baby to feed her. Police took her to the station for further questioning.

The incident has raised questions about hospital security, as there was no guard at the main gate at the time of the incident. Hospital staff said that they had been requesting that a guard be posted at the gate, but none had been provided as the contract for the security company had not been renewed. Even after this incident, authorities did not move quickly to put guards at the gate – the day after the incident, Jagran journalists revisited the hospital and reported that there was still no guard at the gate.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. In February last year, a baby was recovered at Mathura Naya Bus Stand.


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