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Morari Bapu praises the Gopis during Ram Katha in Braj

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Vrindavan, 2017.11.16 (VT): The internationally-acclaimed religious speaker Shri Morari Bapu is currently in Braj giving katha. Devotees from faraway places, particularly Gujarat, have made the journey to Vrindavan just to hear him speak. A number of people are even camping out in the open for the chance to attend his discources.

Shri Morari Bapu is most famous for his nine-day lecture series on the life of Lord Ram, and has delievered over 800 of such kathas in countries the world over. He also speaks on the Gopi Geet from time to time.

While speaking on the Ramayan in Braj this week, Morari Bapu also took the opportunity to praise Shri Krishna’s beloved Gopis. The Gopis, he says, are the original kathakars or sacred storytellers, because they revealed the true nature of Sri Krishna to Uddhav.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi offering respects during Morari Bapu’s katha (Gandhinagar, 2011)

Devotees the world over are inspired by Morari Bapu’s kathas, making his visit to Vrindavan a major event on the spiritual scene. Sunil Patel, a software engineer from Atlanta, says, “When I lived in London from 1994 to 1995, my commute to work each way took two and half hours. My mum suggested that I listen to Morari Bapu katha, which till today I am so thankful for.

“The narration of katha by Morari Bapu was extremely powerful. To explain the meaning of the slokas, Bapu set the stage with the scenes so vivid, decorated with words, that I felt as if I were part of the Ramayana. The multitude of examples and jokes, mixed with emotions to drive the point, were powerful enough to be ingrained in my heart. My commute felt like five minutes.”


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