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Anandamurti ma: The aim of life is not to believe in God, but to realize God

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the-hindu.jpgAnandamurti Ma’s four day lecture series began yesterday with a rathayatra from Prem Mandir to Fogla Ashram. Thousands of devotees, from around India are attending the Vrindavan program, which provides the perfect excuse for many to make a trip to the Holy Dham. Anandamurti Ma’s lectures focus on methods of purifying the heart. Her ashrams around the world incorporate yoga, pranayam and sadhana bhakti.

Anandamurti Ma’s home ashram is in Sonepat, Haryana, but she also travels the world giving lectures in both Hindi and English. Speaking in English during a lecture in the US, Anandamurti Ma said that “the aim of life is not to believe in God, but to realize God”. God is not a theoretical concept that we can believe in; God is within us, always guiding and teaching, waiting for us to listen.

Anandamurti Ma’s potential as a mystic and preacher was recognized from a young age by both her family and school when she stood up during a lecture by a Christian preacher to ask him whether he was talking about his personal experience of God or what he had read in scriptures.

Well versed in Hindu scriptures, Anandamurti Ma  intersperses discussion of every day experiences with Bhagavatam slokas creating a harmonious balance between timeless wisdom and personal experience.

Anandamurti Ma’s current lecture series is being held at Fogla Ashram, Bhaktivedanta Marg, Vrindavan, from 10-12am from 16th  to 19th November.

About Anandamurti Guruma: Anand Murti Guruma was born on April 8, 1966, in Amritsar. She is the second of four siblings — one son and three daughters — of an affluent family which migrated from Gujranwala on Partition and set up a lucrative transport business. Her original name was Gurpreet Kaur Grover. She went to a convent and then to Government College for Women, from where she took a degree in arts. Right from the age of 15, she was more interested in religion than in other subjects. She attended discourses given by different religious teachers till she met Sant Delawar Singh, who gave her diksha and her new name, Anand Murti Guruma.

Anandamurti Bhajan: Vrindavan manji muraliya bajava murari.


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