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Help Sakhi Kunda / Lilavati Kunda Restoration Seva

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So, the rainy season was late, and not ample. The water became shallow and showed the sad truth. The Kunda is filled with trash and is in much need of care.

The timing is right to earn some spiritual merits and make an effort to please Their Lordships by doing some much needed renovation! Please earn your place in the spiritual world by helping Padma Inc do this seva.

The restoration work we are going to do involves:

  • Pumping out the rest of the water.
  • Cleaning up / Removing the rubble and trash
  • Installing a submersible pump to keep the kunda full and fresh (depth 50 feet)
  • Build up the Kunda walls / Supporting structures
  • Covering the well / Protection from humans falling!
  • Fixing a grill around the garden area / Monkey protection for garden
  • Filling low spots and ditches with good quality soil / Garden area
  • Planting trees & plants, beautify the area / Garden area
  • Installing benches for sitting inside and outside the Kunda area
  • Beautify and finish appropriate areas with red sandstone tiles
  • Raise the outer walls all around Kund to protect from trash etc.

About Lilavati Kunda

During Uddhava’s visit to Vrindavana, he would sometimes sit beneath a large tree by the banks of Lilavati Kunda, and gopis from every group would come to hear him talk of Krishna’s pastimes. Uddhava would describe the opulence of Krishna’s city, palaces, and queens, and also of Krishna’s constant longing for Vraja and the gopis. When the girls heard of Krishna’s sorrow they all cried together.

Day after day the gopis spent their time in this way — hearing from Uddhava the messages Krishna had sent to them, and hearing of their Lord’s many pastimes in the far-off metropolis of Dvaraka. And although loving ecstasy awoke many contrary emotions within the gopis — sometimes critical of Krishna, sometimes sympathetic to Him — they could not stop hearing about their beloved. Even as the gopis denounced Krishna for the cowardice of killing Vali and the cruelty of disfiguring Surpanaka, though allegedly willing to give up His friendship, they couldn’t give up talking about Him.

Many devotees who, having heard Krishna’s pastimes just once, give up their comfortable homes and affectionate families to live in Vrindavana and beg for their living, just like birds. Likewise, the gopis could not give up hearing about Krishna’s qualities and pastimes, even if that hearing constantly reminded them of their separation from Him and the misery they felt as a result.

About Padma Inc

Padma Inc at Radha Kunda aims to clean, beautify, and restore the most holy ancient place in India by engaging local residents in cleaning, gardening, artwork, and building restoration.

Padma Inc also aims to help the people in need by giving them service to Radharani and Krsna that also provides for their livelihood. We also hope to feed those that cannot feed themselves, and care for the more needy people such as elderly widows.

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