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Petition To UP CM Opposing Vrindavan-Mathura Merger

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blog-0907075001413820013.jpgShri Akhilesh Yadav,

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Uttar Pradesh to reconsider the proposal of merging Shri Dham Vrindavan with Mathura by constituting a Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam). The proposed Municipal Corporation will be a disaster for the ecology, heritage, culture and identity of Vrindavan. We feel that the decision to merge Vrindavan in Mathura should be reversed for the following reasons:

1. The new proposed civic body will be called Mathura Nagar Nigam whereas Vrindavan has enormous international recognition and has a separate identity than Mathura. The Vrindavan Nagar Palika Parishad or the Vrindavan Municipal Council was formed in the early sixties of the Nineteenth Century. A civic body also existed before the formation of the municipality, which was formed by Akbar including three settlements of Rajpura, Dhaurera and Dusayaj. While the Mughals and British preserved its separate identity then the Uttar Pradesh government shouldn’t do anything that the temple town loses its name.

2. Maximum three to five members will be elected from Vrindavan area in the proposed Nagar Nigam, so there will not be any voice for Vrindavan people in the board meetings of the Municipal Corporations. All the efforts to get Vrindavan the heritage tag will go in vain.

3. A big numbers of widows and saints reside in Vrindavan by making their small houses in the form of ashrams. It will be difficult for them to pay the hefty amount of house and other taxes to be introduced after the formation of the Muncipal Corporation. The old saints and the widows will have to face problems to go to Mathura for every small work

4. Mathura and Vrindavan will be counted as a single entity. So, the wine, egg, fish, meat will be openly sold in Vrindavan, on the footsteps of Mathura. It will pose a serious threat to our faith.

5. Those favoring the Nagar Nigam argue that a big amount of fund will be received from the Central Government directly to the Nagar Nigam. Vrindavan has already received big amount of funds during the tenure of the Mayavati Government. We have seen how that grant has destroyed the ecology, heritage and culture of this Divine town. The eco-spiritual development of Vrindavan can be done by giving it a special status such as shrine board.

6. The small villages around Vrindavan are the ‘Krishna leela van’ where the devotees go for the 84 kos parikrama. The formation of the Nagar Nigam will invite the real estate investments, which will be a death nail for the remaining forest culture of Vraja. Moreover the amalgamation of the villages into the Nagar Nigam will violate the 74th amendment of our constitution, which gives the rights to the village panchayats.

7. Vrindavan is a temple town, which has a unique identity. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Vrindavan from different parts of the country and around the world. The identities of both the towns are different to each other. The development in Vrindavan should be done according to its spiritual and cultural essence.

8. Due to the so called development, Vrindavan has already lost its sacred groves, heritage buildings, the Yamuna bank, the culture and the holy dust. People around the world are attracted to Vrindavan for its name. If it is merged in the Mathura Nagar Nigam, then the remaining eco-spiritual culture will be diminished.

9. New multi starred hotels will be opened in Vrindavan, which will encourage the sale of non-vegetarian food, wine and other intoxicants.

We request the government to expand the boundaries of the Vrindavan Municipality and give it a special status of the pilgrimage town where non-vegetarian foods, wine should be totally banned.

Yours sincerely

The devotees and lovers of Shri Dham Vrindavan

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