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Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji of Suryakund

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Sadhus residing at Surya Kund (P.C. Vitthal Rukmini Das)

Vrindavan, 2017.11.26 (VT): Today is the disappearance day of Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji.

Madhusudan Das Babaji was born in a prestigious Brahmin family in Bengal. He didn’t want to get married, but his parents arranged his marriage anyway. But on the wedding night, he ran away to Vrindavan.

One day on the bank of the Yamuna River, he met a sadhu who gave him initiation. Madhusudan Das Babaji was in a trancelike state when this interaction took place. When he came to, the sadhu had disappeared. Madhusudan Das Babaji did not even know the sadhu’s name. He only knew that he was a Gaudiya Vaishnava in the line of Gangamata Goswamini.


Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji’s Samadhi (P.C. Anjana Aggarwal)

Madhusudan Das Babaji approached Siddha Krishnadas Babaji of Govardhan, hoping to learn about about Bhakti from him. But Siddha Krishnadas Babaji refused to teach him because he didn’t know who his Guru was. He asked him to visit Siddha Jaikrishna Das Babaji of Kamyavan, but he also denied him.

Siddha Jaikrishna Das Babaji instructed Madhusudan Das Babaji to take full shelter of Harinaam, the Holy Name of Krishna. He told him that Radharani herself would help him.

Unable to get any teachings, Madhusudan Das decided to commit suicide. He went to the bank of Radhakund with a huge stone from the Govardhan Hill. He tied one end of a rope around the Govardhan stone, and tied the other end around his neck.

He jumped in Radhakund and sank to the bottom. At the bottom of the kund, he saw something bright under the water and picked it up. Suddenly the rope came loose and he rose to the surface. He saw that the thing in his hand was a palm leaf. And on the palm leaf was written the names of a list of gurus.. He felt this must be the details his own lineage.


View of Surya Kund ghats from above (P.C. Vitthal Rukmini Das)

He went back to Siddha Krishnadas of Govardhan and Siddha Jaikrishnadas of Kamyavan, but both of them said the writing on the palm leaf was not very clear. They sent him back to Radha Kund and asked him to pray to Radharani. This time, Radharani herself appearead and read out the contents of the paper to him, assuring him that this was his own guru-parampara. 

Thus blessed by the Queen of Vrindavan herself, Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji moved to Surya Kund and spent the rest of his life immersed in worshipping Radha and Krishna. He also delivered Shrimad Bhagwatam Katha from time to time. Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji left this world whilst giving advice about Bhakti to a group of devotees.


Nitai-Gaur at Siddha Baba’s Samadhi mandir, Surya Kund

Each year devotees come from all over Braj Mandal to attend the festival of Siddha Madhusudan Das Babaji, enjoying kirtan, prasad, and darshans at Surya Dev Mandir and Siddha Baba’s Samadhi.

Glories of Surya Kund

Surya Dev is Radharani’s ishta-devta; she always prays to him to help her meet with Krishna. Every afternoon in the eternal Lila, Radharani and her sakhis come to Suryakund to worship Surya Dev. Krishna also comes, disguised as a priest, in order to tease and delight her.


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