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Swami Trivikramananda, father of Vrindavan’s healthcare, leaves his body

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swamitrivikramananda.jpgVrindavan, 2017.12.02 (VT): Swami Trivikramananda aka. Sudanshu Maharaj, the father of Vrindavan’s healthcare system, left his body on Monday night. He was the longest-serving Secretary of the Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram hospital in Vrindavan.

About six decades ago, Swamiji came to Vrindavan from West Bengal. Here he dedicated his entire life to serving the poor and helpless. His was named secretary of Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram in 1972, and continued this service till his retirement in the year 2000.

Although Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram was officially founded in 1908, the organization grew exponentially during Swamiji’s tenure. Under his capable and energetic leadership, many reputed doctors joined the staff, some on full salaries, some on honorarium and others for free. Housing for workers was constructed and a rest area for patients’ families was created. In 1980, a nursing school was opened at the Sevashram, and a maternity ward was added in 1986.

Also during this period, grants from the State government allowed the Sevashram to begin offering mobile medical services, as people from remote villages found it difficult to commute to the hospital in Vrindavan. Rural health awareness seminars and women’s literacy programs were added to the mobile unit’s itinerary. Many other updates to Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram’s facilities were made under Swamiji’s guidance, and the entire period of his tenure was one of rapid growth.

Devotees were allowed to have their last darshan of Swamiji at Ramkrishna Mission, and his last rites were performed on Tuesday at noon on the bank of the Shri Yamuna River.

Vrindavan Today’s managing editor Jagannath Poddar said, “Sri Sudhanshu Maharaj’s disappearance is a great loss for Vrindavan. He was a great devotee and lover of Vrindavan. I went to see him last summer with my daughter Jahnavi, and he was literally crying when he heard about the merger of Vrindavan with Mathura. He was completely dedicated to Vrindavan and his presence will be greatly missed.”


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