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'Freedom is liberation and dependence is attachment

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24273644_1416329971826476_1426630364926828622_o.jpg'Freedom is liberation and dependence is attachment. For the soul, there should be no attachment of any type as it will bring one to the bottomless pit. Let go of everything which keeps one away from attaining the ultimate reality of the Self. Only the teaching of Gurudev is essential and one must be proficient in it. Let go of all desires which are name, fame and glory, as a bhakta in normal life is a non-entity for the Lord, and the best person with Him is good for nothing in the minds of people of the world. It’s sad that the more one gets engrossed in the world, the more one becomes unfit for spiritual life. Be in the world but don't let one’s mind attach to it. Let the mind be on the Supreme Lord in whatever you do. That’s what kriya stands for: the constant awareness of the Lord’s Grace in whatever one does. Like that, one becomes fit. Keep practising the surrendering of the mind to the Name and Feet of the Lord until one’s excellence or one’s disabilities have transform into light and awareness.

If one renounces one’s sadhana or path and doesn’t attain the Realisation of the soul, one falls from one’s true dharma in which one has incarnated. Then one is called a fallen soul. Cut off connection from those things which one experiences with annoyance. Let go of all differences in your mind. Rise above the duality of the mind, the likes and dislikes. Let all become equal. Have no prescriptions or expectations in your mind and heart. Treat all the same way you are treating Guru and God. Have only the desire of attaining the Grace of Giridhari. When it seems difficult, don't let go, as the soul doesn't do anything. Only wait for the Divine to offer His Love and Grace. One can attain the Lord by going to His Feet. If one is not going to His Feet, as the Lord is the One residing within the heart of the soul itself, one should feel inspired to do so, as it will lead one to success in everything.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda
3 December 2017

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