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Digest: Yamuna Maharani Dressed in 101 saris

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Yamuna Maharani Dressed in 101 saris. Sunday, Mathura: Devotees at Vishram Ghat adorned Yamuna ji in 101 Saris. Devotees managed the feat by standing on boats and holding up the chain of 101 saris. In this novel offering to Yamuna Maharani, devotees drew attention to the beauty of Yamuna Maharani, which is sometimes overshadowed these days by the constant commentary on the need for Yamuna cleaning. Tourists were thrilled to see the spectacle and shots of the scene were clicked by thousands of spectators. The sari offering was followed by dancing and singing of bhajans in praise of Yamuna Maharani. Read more (Hindi)


P.C. Jagran

Daoji declairs that winter has begun. Sunday, Baldev: BJP District President Tejbir Singh cut the ribbon which marks the beginning the one month of festivities, which is held every year at the beginning of winter. Local legend has it that Baldev once appeared on this purnima (full moon) covering himself with a quilt to declare that winter has begun. Daoji will now use His quilt until Vasant Panchami (festival marking the beginning of spring). The festivities included an abhishek and an extra helping of Daoji’s favourite food – makhan misri. Read more (Hindi)

download-300x178.jpgSudevi to collect visa today. Monday, Radha Kund: Sudevi received the news that her visa formalities had been completed on Sunday and is going to pick up her visa today. Sudevi’s 35 years of tending cows from income she brings in from rental properties in Germany softened the hearts of authorities, who made a rare exception by extending her visa. Sudevi now has one year before she has to worry about visa problems again. Word about Sudevi’s love of cows is spreading. She has made a name for herself by her tireless service for 1200 cows, calves and bulls, many of whom are injured and would otherwise be left to die.  The paper edition of Jagran today reports that Sudevi is so attached to the heard that she doesn’t even use the milk that they give – she saves it the surplus milk for feeding orphaned calves and buys milk for herself. Read more (English)


P.C. Ashoka News

New Mayor gives thanks for his victory. Sunday, Mathura: The newly elected Mayor of Mathura-Vrindavan, Dr Mukesh Aryabhandu, was joined by his family for a visit to the Kali temple in the Cantt. area of Mathura. He told reporters that he had prayed to the Maha Kali for victory. The tradition of praying to mother Kali before entering into a contest or battle was created by Lord Ram, who is said to have prayed to Her before engaging in battle with Ravan. The mayor told reporters that he is determined to clean the city and provide better facilities for devotees coming out from outside.


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