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Vrindavan resident accuses government of land grab on Yamuna floodplain

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IMG_6519-780x520.jpgVrindavan, 2017.12.05: After already being admonished by the courts for its construction work on the Yamuna floodplain, the government is now being accused of stealing land from Vrindavan’s residents for their projects. Vishal Sharma, a resident of Vrindavan, has accused the government of taking over his personal property on the riverbank. The accused allegedly said the land belongs to the Irrigation Department and that they will make a park there.

Unable to personally prevent the government officers from taking over his land, Sharma says he decided to bring the matter before the District Magistrate, Mr. Arvind Malappa Bangari. Sharma has reportedly submitted his complaint to the DM in writing. The DM in turn has ordered the heads of Vrindavan and Mant police to investigate the matter and provide an explanation.


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