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Sanjay Krishna Maharaj reminds devotees about Krishna’s kindness

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16.12.17 (VT) Sanjay Krishna Sulil Maharaj is currently giving Bhagavata Katha in Vrindavan’s Fogla Ashram, near ISKCON. The Katha is being held daily from 3-6.30pm until 19th December.

fb3-225x300.jpgThe program began on 13th December in a truly festive spirit, as devotees carried Thakurji on their heads in a procession on Bhaktivedanta Marg with a band that enlivened the spirits of the hundreds of participants and onlookers.

Speaking to a packed hall yesterday, Sulil Maharaj reminded audiences that God is always with us, helping us to acquire the good qualities that enable bhakti (loving devotional service), wisdom and renunciation.  Out of great kindness, the Lord teaches everyone in the way they can best understand.

Sulil Maharaj said that Sri Vrindavan has always been the land of sants and sadhus (great devotees and renunciates) and that those who have dedicated their life to the service of God are very close to Him and should be considered to be His incarnations. Maharaj also reminded audiences that reading and listening to the Srimad Bhagavatam is an important part of life.


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