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Rādhārāṇī Braja Yatra, Day 6: Jurehara

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Places visited: Day 6 Bhattiki, Ucheda, Parehi, Sonokhar, Pai, Jurehara (Jorehra)

This is the place where Shri Krishna took many forms to visit the homes of the gopīs in order to please them. The Lord delights in his conjugal affairs with those who are enthusiastic and purehearted in that mood.

Krishna visited one such gopī in the early morning, at dawn. She was in great anxiety that she had lost her golden milking pot and was looking for it when he came. She could not find her pot but found her Shri Krishna instead.


Pai comes from the word pāwā or prāpti, which means to get, or to obtain. After the Lord suddenly disappeared in the mahā-rāsa pastime, the gopis started searching, searching, and searching for Shri Krishna throughout all the forests of Braja.

After singing the famous Gopī-gītā that is described in the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam (10.31), it was in this village that they were finally reunited with the Lord, who had so mysteriously disappeared. They finally got Him back at this place, so from pāwā or prāpti, the word comes to pāi, they “obtained Krishna” here once again.


Jurehara comes from the word jurahārā, jura means fever, and hārā means vanishes.

There are two types of fever: One is the fever in the separation from Shri Krishna. The gopīs were suffering in separation from the Lord and when they finally obtained him in the adjacent village Pai, their suffering was eradicated. Therefore it is in this village that they became completely free from their disease of separation; it had now vanished, this place is Jurehara, that place that washes away one’s fever.

The second type of fever is due to lust. When some tribal woman saw Shri Krishna, they became dominated by lust and controlled by this type of fever.

After Shri Krishna had embraced Shri Radhika, the red kunkum that was on her breasts fell to his feet and thus was distributed to the grasses of this area. The tribal woman took that color and placed on their own breasts and thus became pacified and free from their lust. They were able to attain Shri Krishna in this way; their fever also vanished giving the name Jurehara a second meaning.

This village has two other names: One is Brajadvara, the door to Braja; the other is Indrakuti.

During the pastime of the lifting of Govardhan hill, all the demigods including Indra, Shankar, and Brahma descended from their heavenly kingdoms, coming from the sky to this very village. For this reason it is also named Brajadvara, the door to Braja. From here, these gods began to walk towards Giriraj Govardhana.

Then Indra, at the conclusion of the Govardhan lila, came to beg pardon from the Lord. Because he also descended here, a further name for this village as Indrakuti.

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