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Mathura constable to receive award for returning bag with 50K cash

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krishna-janma-bhoomi-780x585.jpgA Mathura constable, stationed at Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi has been recommended for an award for honesty after he returned a bag in which he found Rs50,000.

Head Constable, Jay Prakash, found the bag in the parking lot and immediately investigated it, as police maintain a high level of security in the area around Sri Krishna’s birthplace.

Upon opening the bag, the constable found the cash, some clothes and an ID card that identified the owner as belonging to Dharm Nagar, Tripura. There was no phone number, so Mathura police could not directly contact the owner.

The bag was sent to Dharm Nagar police station, where the local police contacted its owner, Madan Mohan Sharma. When Mr Sharma arrived to the police station to collect his bag, he was in tears and thanked the Mathura police for their honesty.

Superintendent of Police (Security) Siddharth Verma, said, “We are proud of such police personnel and expect others to present such committed and exemplary services to those visiting the two shrines of Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi.”


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