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Didi Maa’s discourse on Shrimad Bhagvatam on the eve of New Year

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Screenshot-2017-07-30-11.11.10-1-780x545.pngPreparations are underway for Srimad Bhagavatam Katha Program at Vrindavan’s Vatsalyagram from 25th – 31st December. The program will begin with Yamuna Puja on Sunday 24th, followed by Bihariji darshan and a kalash yatra, in which devotees will bring Yamuna water back to Vatsalyagram for the pleasure of Sarvamangala Maa.

Every year, on 1st January Vatsalyagram celebrates Vatsalya Diwas (a day dedicated to the celebration of motherly love). This year marks Vatsalyagram’s 25th anniversary, so there is even more reason to celebrate, and 1st January is Didima’s birthday.

Vatsalyagram has every reason to celebrate Vatsalya Diwas, because vatsalya bhav (transcendental motherly love) is the driving force that enables the organization to care for hundreds of abandoned children. The organization also trains hundreds of girls who attend the organization’s Samvid Gurukulum, where, in addition the CBSC syllabus, the girls learn from Didima’s example and teachings and participate in cultural activities including classical music, archery and horse riding.

Sadhvi Ritambara Didima teaches her followers to be warriors for sanatan dharma. Didima’s katha and bhajans lift people’s spirits and help them recharge. Didima teaches that the purpose of hearing katha and bhajans is to recharge our energy to keep fighting against evil. Didima often asks people to reflect on the year gone by and to ask themselves whether they can hold their heads high and say that they have served their guru, their nation and their family. Everyone gets worn down by the material world and, in her efforts to help those who get most worn down, Didima even goes to war-torn areas along India’s borders to help bolster the spirits of soldiers.

Didima’s katha is inseparable from her vatsalya bhav. Didima explains that Ma shakti is at the heart of all creation – Vishnu is never separated from Lakshmi Devi and Lord Shiva is never separated from Paravatiji. Sadvi Didi, a pujari at Sarvamangala Ma Temple said, “We make the same number of rotis for Gopal as for Matarani. Gopal is a young boy so he eats heartily, but when we offer to Matarani, the whole family eats together.”

On the first day of the katha, Didima will speak about the incarnations of Shri Vishnu and will describe the Kaurava and Pandava dynasties. On 26th, she will speak about Kapil Dev, Dhruv Maharaj, Shiva-Paravati’s wedding and Jad Bharat. On 27th: Narasringa Dev; 28th: Lord Ram and Lord Krishna’s birth; 29th, Sri Krishna’s childhood, Vrindavan lilas and Goverdhan puja; 30th: Sri Krishna’s pastimes in Dwarka; 31st : Udhava and Parikshit Maharaj.

The katha will be held daily from 9.30am-12.30 at Vatsalyagram, Mathura-Vrindavan road. For further information call 08262084090, 0999971714, 9999971716, 09412777151, 9758832151.


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