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Devotees petition SDM to intervene in fixing timings at Danghati Temple

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Goverdhan, 23.12.17

Aa-1-272x300.jpg delegation of devotees has organized a petition to have the last darshan at Danghati temple set at a fixed time. The petition was presented on Friday at the offices of the Sub-Divisional magistrate (SDM) and police chief, PK Malik

The delegation attempted to meet temple manager, Dalchand Chaudhary, in order to present their petition, however the manager was not present in the temple. In a phone conversation, Chaudhary said that he has no problem if Giriraj’s darshan stays open until late at night. The members of the delegation believe that Giriraj ji at Danghati temple is being inconvenienced by the temple authority’s eagerness to collect donations from visitors arriving late at night.

Gautham Khandelwal began the protest against the irregular timings earlier this month, after seeing that guests were taking darshan at midnight. He began the protest by sitting on the ground for 48 hours. Khandelwal said that he is undertaking the protest because, just as there is a fixed time for Mangala Aarti, there should also be a fixed timing for the evening worship and last darshan.

Khandelwal made his protest public through social media and is now joined by thousands of like-minded people, who are adding their voices to the calls to end the practice of changing darshan timings for the sake of convenience.


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