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New Bus service to connect Vrindavan and Varanasi

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Devotees who have the travel bug are excited about a new bus service that will connect Vrindavan and Mathura with Varanasi. The bus will depart from Vrindavan Bus stand at 11.30am and from Mathura’s Naya Bus Stand at 1pm. The service is being provided by UP Roadways, which, for many years, has been running overnight bus services to connect Mathura-Vrindavan to other places of pilgrimage, such as Haridwar.

UP Roadways has reserved two 51 metre buses from Mathura Depot for the new Varanasi service. The bus will take 18.5 hours to travel 695 kms and will arrive at in Varanasi at 7.30am the next day. The bus will pass through Agra, Kanpur and Allahabad, before finally reaching Varanasi.


View of Varanasi from the Ganga, P.C. Trip Savvy

The return bus will leave Varanasi at 1pm and arrive in Mathura at 7.30am. The bus will not take people onwards to Vrindavan because it will wait at Mathura Bus stand until 10.30am, when it will travel to Vrindavan to pick up passengers traveling to Varanasi.

Mr Charan Das, officer in charge of vehicle inspection at Mathura Naya Bus Stand, said that the Mathura-Varanasi bus service will be linked with the Mathura-Vrindavan local bus service, so, when passengers arrive at Mathura Bus Stand, there will be a connecting bus to Vrindavan.

The cost of the trip will be Rs735 from Mathura and Rs750 from Vrindavan, because, according to UP Roadway’s calculation, Vrindavan is 5km further from Varanasi than Mathura.

The bus service is a boon for the residents of Braj who now have another option (apart from Train/taxi) to reach  Varanasi. The service is sure to be popular, especially on those days when taking bath or having darshan of Ganga Maya (the Ganges) is particularly auspicious.



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