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38 Cows Rescued From Slaughter by Mataji Goshala

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blog-0679744001413927061.jpgBarsana, 2014.10.20 (Maan Mandir): Mataji Goshala not only aims at serving cows brought to it, but is also actively engaged in tracking illegal smugglers of cows.

Those working for the goshala regularly put their lives in danger to protect cows and prevent them from being led to slaughter.

In an recent incident, the Mataji Goshala team got a tip about a truck illegally carrying cows for slaughter near Mehroli village in a part of Haryana that falls in Braj. The team got together and chalked out a plan to rescue them.

Cow smugglers are often equipped with deadly weapons, and this was the situation in this case as well. As soon as the Goshala team attempted to stop the smugglers, they shot several rounds of bullets. But by Shriji’s mercy, nobody was hurt.

In the end, the team was able to rescue all 38 cows that were in the truck. All the animals found were under severe trauma resulting from fear and pain.

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