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Residents inform ADM about sewage ‘overflow’ pouring into Yamuna

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a-12-780x436.jpgMathura, 2017.12.30 (VT) Sewage pumping station officials’ attempt to hoodwink authorities about the ineffectiveness of the plant failed after residents informed that the station dumps raw sewage into the Yamuna every morning.

On Friday, Area District Magistrate (ADM) Ravindra Kumar inspected 3 of Mathura’s  sewage pumping stations and the surrounding pipes and drains. When the ADM reached the pumping station at Swami Ghat, the pump was in operation, but residents informed that the workers do not remove the plastic waste, so the system gets clogged up and the overflow runs into the Yamuna every morning.

The ADM then visited the pumping station at Bengali Ghat. He was pleased to see that the official in charge was on duty, and the pump was operating, however, after questioning staff, it came to light that the pump was switched on only 5 minutes before the inspection. Staff also admitted that officials from the Municipal Corporation vary rarely inspect the plant.

Lastly, the ADM visited the Dairy Farm pumping station. This station was found to be running at less than half capacity. Staff said that only one of the pumps was operational. The other pump was not running because one of the pipes was broken.

The Allahabad High Court has been increasing pressure on local authorities to rectify the incompetency, corruption and inaction that has put to waste millions of rupees spent on public infrastructure like sewage treatment plants.  The contract to build and operate Sewage Treatment plants has now been opened for global tender. New STPs will be built in Mathura and Vrindavan, however it will take up to 2 years before the new STPs become operational.


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