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Love expresses itself through all nations, which means through all varieties

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26219236_1446175375508602_1253021299718608497_n.jpg'Love expresses itself through all nations, which means through all varieties. And nations express themselves through Love.

Like a movie that is sped up, one can see that it’s a movie and not reality, but when watching a movie in normal speed, it is very easy to identify with it and its story. When the speed is normal, our human identity is a need and we depend on it. However, when the speed is accelerated, then our human identity is such a burden that only God and inner truth are our shelter and centre.

This quality of internationality is a small pilgrimage and preview of Sannyas. The truth is that each soul is aiming at only one goal and that is Narayana. The outside life is just a show. Recognising both in the right way and being in harmony with both is when the real joy of life and living starts.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
2 January 2018

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