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Seva Mahotsav and celebrations on Sri Gopala Bhatta’s Appearance Day

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Hundreds of devotees danced in the streets of Vrindavan, on Thursday, to celebrate the appearance day of Sri Gopala Bhatt Goswami, the founder of Radha Raman temple.

The shobhyatra (auspicious parade) was headed by a band playing lively devotional tunes that got people dancing. Several musical groups treated residents and market goers to a variety of devotional music that included a police band, drummers from Nasik, Punjab and Odisha and a harinam sankirtan by international devotees.


P.C. Jagran

The shobhyatra began from Radha Raman temple and did a full tour of old Vrindavan, passing by Gopeshwar temple, Gyan Gudri, Gopinath Bazar, Rangaji Temple, Chungi Chaurah, Anaj Mandi, Bankhandi Mahadev temple, Loi Bazar and Shahaji temple, before returning to Radha Raman temple.

When the shobhyatra returned to Radha Raman temple, the musical spectacular continued and the temple’s Goswamis performed a flower abhishek of Radha Ramanji, lovingly covering Thakurji in fragrant flowers.

Radha Ramanji looked splendid, with intricate poshak. Radha Ramanji’s dress is always opulent. He self-manifested from a Shaligram Shila, in the year 1599, in order to fulfil Sri Gopala Bhatta Goswami’s desire to serve Him by adorning Him with clothing that enhances His radiance.


P.C. sripundrik

The Goswamis of Radha Raman temple are active in preaching and writing about His glories. Pundrik Goswami has organized a ‘Seva Mahotsav’ to run from 3rd to 9th January. Highlights of the Seva Mahotsav so far have been  Devi Chitralekha’s Raga Seva and Indradhyumana Swami’s kirtan. There will be a sitar performance by Bhaigirath Bhatt on evening of 8th Jan and Paras Nath will play the flute on the evening of 9th Jan. Hema Malini will also dance for Thakurji, however, to avoid excessive crowds, the timing for this performance has not been disclosed.


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