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Celebrations in honour of Jagadguru Ramanadacharya

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Vinayak Ramlila Sansthan’s Rasa Lila

Vrindavan, 2018.01.06 (VT) On Friday, Hundreds of devotees from all sampradayas assembled to pay homage to the great spiritual master, Jagadguru Ramanandacharya on his appearance day.  Celebrations started early in the

morning at Sudama Kuti, an important center for followers of the Ramanandi Sampradaya. At noon, Vinayak Ramlila Sansthan performed a Ramlila in the ashram, which was enjoyed by all.


Dieties at Sudama Kuti

Talks by the sampradaya’s swamis reminded people of the important role that gurus play in keeping individuals and society on the right path. Swami Chitprakashananda said that the main role that gurus play is to uphold religion, culture and morality, for the benefit of society.

Swami Ram Kishore Das Ramayani said that God appears in many forms to uplift fallen souls. Bharatdas Bhaktamali said that God appears to destroy demons and make devotees fearless.

Devotees were reminded of the life of Ramanandacharya, who helped to promote bhakti in the 14th century. He was an early social reformer and accepted disciples without discriminating by gender, class, caste or religion. He accepted Muslims as disciples made scriptures accessible to common people by preaching in Hindi rather than Sanskrit.


Sri Ramanandacharya

Little is known about Ramanujacharya’s early life. Some say that he was born in Allahabad, while others argue that he was born in South India, however, most scholars agree that he later settled in Varanasi, where he took on the work of spreading the Bhakti Movement, which was already well established in South India.

Ramanujacharya was not interested in sectarian debates about whether God is Saguna (with form) or Nirguna (without form). His philosophy emphasizes that all religious practices are useless unless they help us to realize that Hari (Vishnu) is our inner self.

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