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Government sponsored Cultural Center to open in Barsana

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Barsana, 2017.01.08

Plans to open a Cultural Center in Barsana were unveiled yesterday by Pandit Pulkit Mishra, director of the Government’s Ministry of Culture. Mishra visited several of Barsana’s temples including Radha Rani temple (Maan Mandir) and the organization’s Mataji goshala. Maan Mandir’s Ramesh Baba took advantage of the director’s visit to send a message to PM Modi that more work still needs to be done to clean Yamuna and protect Braj’s cows.

The new Cultural Center will have exhibitions depicting the pastimes of Radha-Krishna and will help to promote local artists and craftspeople. As part of its efforts to encourage pride in India’s culture and heritage, the Modi Government is encouraging exhibitions and cultural events and even has its own facebook page to promote events.

It was previously announced that CM Yogi Adityanath, along with several ministers, will visit Barsana during Lathmar Holi next month. It is expected that, during the visit, more will be revealed about the plans for Barsana’s Cultural Center and other development plans for the region.

In the lead up to Holi, Mathura Museum is holding a ‘colours’ exhibition showcasing the work of 40 contemporary Indian artists. The exhibition will run between 21st-25th January and will include works by Vimal Kumar, Naval Kishore and Ramesh Yadav.


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