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Mathura’s Shreeji Baba enters nitya lila

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Mathura, 201801.08: Eminent saint and Bhagavata lecturer Shreeji Baba died at his ashram on Sunday night at eight o’clock. He was 82 years old. Shreeji Baba played an important role in the rescue of the ancient Kund Sarovars and temples of Braj, as well as building many educational institutions, hospitals and goshalas in the Mathura area.

With the news of his demise, mourning in the saints of Mathura-Vrindavan became widespread. Sants and Mahants, Bhagwatacharyas and academics from all over Braj felt profound sadness at hearing the news of his disappearance. He will be cremated at Mokshadham, located at Aakashwani on Monday at 12 noon, .

Shreeji Baba, who was a resident of Rawalia Gali in the Mandi Ramdas area of Mathura, established a large ashram that goes by his name in Bhuteshwar in Mathura in the 1980’s. Being devoted to social service, he started a program of regular aid to the poor and helpless. This was always a focus for him. They used to marry poor girls too.


Shreeji Ashram, Bhuteswar, Mathura

Not only that, he also established Shreeji Baba Senior Secondary School and Shreeji Baba Law College on Mathura-Govardhan Road. In addition to this, he undertook the restauration of many ancient temples, ponds and lakes, and gates within Braj 84 Kos.

He gave more than 1500 Bhagavat saptahas throughout his lifetime. Shreeji Baba, was known as the pride of the Brahmin society of Mathura to sants and social workers all over the country.

On behalf of Shreeji Baba’s Ashram, Amit Bharadwaj said that people were gathering for a last darshan of the saint there. Ramakant Goswami from the ashram said that his demise was an irreparable loss to the Sant Samaj of Braj Mandal.


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