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This a humble request for support of many years ongoing seva in Sri Radhakund dham

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27336672_2000825860130549_3126336913418694966_n.jpgThis a humble request for support of many years ongoing seva in Sri Radhakund dham.

For very long time Sri Lakshmi Narayana das babaji maharaja (dadaji) whoes together with his few disciples is day and night dedicating to cleaning manteining and renovating Sri Radhakund, Sri Shyamakund, Sri Lalita kund and few other important sacred places here in Sri Radhakund. Unfortunatly present time they don't have enough people to deal with this wonderful seva. So babaji employed 4 extra workers for be able to continue in this seva properly as its needed. Salary of this workers its 250 INR per day so its 1000 INR per day totaly, babaji himself and that few disciples which are staying with him they mantain there lifes mainly by madhukari prasadam and they are not able to bear such big extra cost burden, so babaji humbly way aproach me to try to ask some devotees for some help for this seva. So, please, anyone who is interesting in this special seva to Radharani's lotus feet in the way of regular monthly donations or just some donation or by interesting become a voluntary and help in this seva by own hands as well, kindly contact babaji maharaja or send support on this babaji maharaja ashram bank account:

 Laxmi Narayan das SBI branch Radha kund AC n 11717061458 ifsc CD n sbin 0005944, his phone number: +91 98974 57066.

Also for more informations and conection with this seva you can write a msg on this page.

Dandavat Pranam

Jay Sri Radhe!!!


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