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Marriage of Goda Devi and Ranganath celebrated at Rangji temple

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Vrindavan, 2018.01.16: A traditional marriage ceremony was held at Vrindavan’s Rang ji temple on Sunday. The proceedings included elaborate pre-marriage rituals, an exchanges of gifts and garlands. Goda Devi was taken for snan (cleansing bath) in the Yamuna and there was a separate procession for Sri Ranganathji. Sri Ranganath’s procession circled the temple accompanied by traditional South Indian instruments and followed by hundreds of devotees.

Both Sri Ranganath and Srimati Goda Devi were covered in haldi paste then dressed in exquisitely ornamented garments. There was a ceremonial welcoming of Lord Ranganath by Goda Devi’s father, Vishnuchit Suri, with pan-supari and textiles presented to Sri Ranganath.

Marriage mantras were chanted, flower garlands were offered and Goda Devi was adorned with a traditional mangal sutra necklace.

Hundreds of devotees came to witness the ritual which was followed by a sumptuous feast.


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